Automation Expert – Send Automatic Emails to Users (WordPress)

Automation Expert is a user friendly and easy to use WordPress plugin that let you automatically send an email as per you have created a schedule in a plugin, to the customers who have bought products from Easy Digital Download.

It will help you to do automatic email marketing by using a elastic email sender functionality. you can create schedule to send a automatic email for all products of Easy Digital Download.

You can create and manage HTML Template by plugin on elastic email account, to send it in email.

Used Functionality of :
– Elastic Email Account(API)
– Easy Digital Download Plugin

You can send or arrange future email to group of customers who have bought same product. You can cancel
future email from plugin and seen entire email history.

Automation Expert – Features

  • Create and Manage HTML Template
  • Create schedule for automatic mailing
  • Send automatic email to EDD’s product
  • Manage Customers
  • Cancel future emails
  • Display last month’s entire mail history
  • Documentation

Contact us all-in-one button with callback request feature for WordPress (Widgets)

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Viber, Telegram, Call Back, Email and more channels just in one button! Let customers choose their favorite method to reach you with 1 click and follow up the conversation anytime and anywhere!


  • WordPress 3.7.x or above


  • Button customization – customize button position, color, size, label
  • Menu customization – customize menu size, menu background and text color
  • Menu items – choose items you whant, add/edit/remove menu items
  • Custom javascript handler – you can write custom javascript item hadler to integrate widget with live-chat widgets
  • Customize prompt messages – add/edit/remove prompt messages
  • Callback request – customer can easily request a call-back to his/her phone number
  • Email – when visitor request a callback you will receive an email
  • Twilio integration – you can use Twilio integration to receive SMS when visitor request a callback
  • Callback requests in admin panel – you can manage all callback requests in admin panel (please see screenshots)
  • Google reCaptcha V3 integration – prevent bots to send call-back request via invisible Google reCaptcha V3 (please see screenshots)
  • Countdown timer – display countdown timer when customer request a call-back
  • Theme color – customize button color (please see screenshots)

How it works

This plugin displays animated “contact-us” button on every page of your WordPress site.
You can customize button position, button size, button color, menu size, button animation speed (please see configuration section to learn how to do this).
Contact us all-in-one button

If “prompt” feature is enabled, prompt messages will be shown to visitors. You can add many prompt messages.
Contact us all-in-one button

When customer click on this button menu will be shown.
Contact us all-in-one button

By default contact-us button displayed in the right bottom corner of the page.
Contact us all-in-one button

Last menu item opens callback request form feature.
Contact us all-in-one button

You can customize theme color, all texts and icons.
Contact us all-in-one button

You can display countdown timer when customer request a call-back.
Contact us all-in-one button